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Transformational Herbal Pharmacy is a full-service compounding herbal dispensary dedicated to providing practitioners with the highest quality herbs so they can better serve their patients on their health journey. We believe everyone deserves to have access to holistic care, leading to happier and healthier lives. We are proud to offer a diverse Chinese pharmacopeia of over 300 herbs, specialized CBD products, patent herbal formulas, and dietary supplements so your patients can have just that. We look forward to serving both you and your patients!

We Believe in a Responsible Approach to Sourcing, Preparation, and Processing

We source from the most reputable suppliers to ensure we offer Chinese herbs and products that adhere to the strictest quality and purity standards. In addition to only sourcing from these leading wholesale herb suppliers, our herbal pharmacy follows the dispensing guidelines set by the NCCAOM, including standards for cleaning, sanitation, design, storage, record keeping, and inspections. Our trained staff is committed to upholding these quality and safety practices and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Superior Suppliers

We only use trusted suppliers that source from quality-controlled farms both here and abroad.

Testing and Safety

All products are tested and are free of heavy metals, microbial contaminants, yeasts, and molds.

Quality Control

From harvest to shipping, our suppliers and our facility uphold industry standards.

Available Formula Structures

Our full-service dispensary carries a large selection of raw Chinese herbs and granules from leading high-quality suppliers including Legendary Herbs and Spring Wind. We offer grinding, cutting, and encapsulation services with decoction services added in the near future.

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Raw Herbs

Order single raw herbs and formulas in bulk or for individual prescriptions.
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Herb granules are a modern, convenient way to enjoy the benefits of herb formulas.
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Our trained staff can encapsulate any of our herb granules for a fee.
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Vacuum Packs

Packs of prepared herbs and herbal formulas for easy home preparation.
Coming Soon

Our Process, Standards, and Quality Control

Starting with intentional cultivation all the way through to shipping, safety and quality are the foundation of our herbal pharmacy. Many of our raw herbs are sourced from good agricultural practice farms and from North America whenever possible and are always tested for purity, safety, and quality. Our site follows NCCAOM dispensing guidelines so our customers can trust that we always have their safety top of mind.

Transformational Herbal Pharmacy

Why Transformational?

Healing others and supporting those who share in that calling is why we founded Transformational Herbal Pharmacy. Our full-service pharmacy and dispensary of raw Chinese herbs and granules are for practitioners looking for a way to get high-quality herb supplies quickly and easily.

Through our online system, you can have a variety of herbs in stock or you can fulfill prescriptions for individual patients while setting your own price. We aim to fulfill orders in as little as 24 hours with options for direct shipping and even pickup. We also offer a 5% discount for members of the American Society of Acupuncturists and its affiliated state associations.

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Patient Resources

We want to make sure all of our customers, both practitioners and patients alike, get the most out of herbal medicine. That’s why we’ve a created several resources including our Chinese Herb FAQs and instructions on how to best prepare herbs. Visit our Herbal Store for items that do not require a prescription or find a practitioner through our directory. If you are in the Mid-Atlantic area and in need of an herbal consultation, easily schedule one with our one of our clinic’s qualified acupuncturists.

Ginseng root next to a bowl of granules

How To Take Chinese Herbal Granules

This modern method of taking Chinese herbs is convenient and doesn’t require any cooking.

Instant Pot on kitchen counter

How to Use Instant Pot to Cook Raw Chinese Herbs

Make a 7-day supply all at once using an Instant Pot. Start by diving herbs into three cooking groups.

Ginseng roots and encapsulated ginseng on a spoon

How to Take Encapsulated Chinese Herbs

Herbal encapsulation is available for all granules we carry, both single herbs and herbal formulas.

Pressure cooker on a stove top

How to Pressure Cook Raw Chinese Herbs

Herbs need to cook for 8-12 hours in the thermos so it’s a great idea to set this tea up the night before you want to enjoy it.

Slow Cooker on a counter

How to Cook Raw Chinese Herbs in a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a great way to cook your herbs without burning them. Perfect for creating a bigger batch at one time.

Pot on a stove top

How To Cook Chinese Herbs on a Stove Top

Using the double boil method, cooking herbs on the stove top is a simple process. Herbs need to soak overnight for best results.

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Herbal Store

Shop our wide variety of high-quality dietary supplements and CBD products. Our natural products will help support better physical, mental, and emotional health.

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