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Chinese herbs and herbal formulas are an incredible natural medicine that has been used for thousands of years to maintain and restore health. Chinese herbology information has been gathered, formulated, tested, and taught to each generation. Now, qualified herbalists use this knowledge to treat patients seeking a gentle yet effective way to improve their health.

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Why Consult an Herbalist?

Taking Chinese herbs is a safe treatment for many conditions, however, there is a lot that goes into finding the right combination of herbs for each patient. The Chinese Pharmacopeia consists of over 1,800 herbs and works with complex bodily systems. This complexity is one reason why consulting a qualified herbalist is so important. Another reason is that Chinese herbal medicine is a highly individualized practice. Herbalists combine their knowledge of herbal formulas with your information to design a formula that’s custom to you. In order to avoid negative side effects or complications with other medications, consulting with a herbalist is crucial.

We encourage you to learn more about herbal medicine by visiting our Chinese Herb FAQ page. If you’re local to the mid-Atlantic region you can book an herbal consult with us. If you’re not, you can search for an herbalist in your state.

Connect With A Local Herbal Expert

Schedule a Chinese Herbal Consultation with one of our licensed, qualified herbalists. All residents in the mid-Atlantic region (District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware) can book a consult with our team. If you live outside this service region, find a practitioner in your state through our directory.

Our Herbalist

The Transformational Herbal Pharmacy herbalists are here to help! Each of our Licensed Herbalists has years of education and experience to help you find the right herbal path for you.

Dr. Adam Miramon, DACM, DiplAc, LAc

Dr. Adam Miramon, DACM, DiplAc, LAc

Chief Clinic Director & President

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Our Commitment to You

We pledge to serve our customers well by respecting where they are on their health journey, always listening to their needs, and continuing our education to offer the latest in natural healthcare.

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