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Taking Encapsulated Herbal Extracts

Typically, Chinese herbs come in raw form or granules. Chinese herb granules are a modern method of taking Chinese herbs that are consumed by mixing them with water. Although some patients like the convenience of granules, they prefer the capsule form. Any granule, both singular herbs and herbal formulas, we carry at our pharmacy can be encapsulated.

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  • Yields: 8 – 12 oz

Benefits of Raw Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to safely expedite the healing process, strengthen, support and tonify the body. They are effective in not only treating the symptom but also in working to address the underlying root cause of various medical conditions, whether acute or chronic. Individual herbs are combined in order to enhance their actions and effects upon the body. When combined, a unique synergistic formula is created that amplifies the benefits of the formula. When prescribed and used correctly, Chinese herbal formulas rarely cause unwarranted side effects.

What You’ll Need

  • Encapsulated Chinese Herbs 
  • Water (Filtered or bottled is best) 

Instructions for Taking Encapsulated Chinese Herbs

Encapsulated herbs are typically prescribed 2-3 times a day. It’s important to take herbal medicine at least 30 minutes before eating. This ensures your stomach is clear and your body is prepared. Be sure to check your prescription’s instructions for full details.  

  1. Swallow capsules with water. 
  2. Wait 30 minutes before eating. 

Alternative Ways To Prepare and Enjoy Chinese Herbs

There are several other ways to cook and take Chinese herbs. Although many patients love taking encapsulated herbs, we know each person has a preferred method. Click the links below to see which cooking technique works best for you. 

Better Health, Naturally

Chinese herb granules and capsules are a newer way of enjoying the benefits of herbs that make it easier than ever to unlock the power of the Earth’s natural medicine. Enjoy the soothing practice of taking care of yourself through Chinese herbal remedies by taking granules, capsules, or cooking raw herbs.

Dr. Adam Miramon, DACM, DiplOM, LAc

Dr. Miramon is a Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist who is the Chief Clinic Director & President at Transformational Acupuncture Clinic in Washington D.C. They have devoted their life to expanding their knowledge in a variety of facets from reproductive health, labor and delivery, to Chinese herbal knowledge. Through a desire to better serve patients and practitioners, they founded Transformational Herbal Pharmacy in 2023.

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